Bamboo Cotton Buds x50


A perfect travel size eco-friendly and plastic free choice for your daily personal care routine. These bamboo cotton buds are made from natural and organic cotton for maximum absorption and softness. Ideal for applying and removing makeup and cleaning around the eyes and outer ear. Made from sustainable and renewable bamboo, they are also 100% compostable.


  • 50 cotton buds
  • Made from high-quality, naturally anti-bacterial, sustainable, and renewable Moso bamboo
  • Organic Cotton
  • 100% home compostable
  • Plastic-free 
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Packaging made from Kraft paper. Easy to recycle, biodegrade or compost after use
  • Can I compost the buds after use? Yes, the buds are compostable and biodegradable.
  • Why use a bamboo cotton bud? Plastic cotton buds are among the most common plastic trash found in oceans and on beaches in the world. They also cause the death of a lot of animals that ingest them after mistakenly exchanging them for food. A plastic cotton bud takes between 400-1000 years to break down into smaller pieces without ever disappearing completely. On the other hand, bamboo takes considerably less time to biodegrade leaving no trace and doing no damage after it has been used.

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