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The effective-life of a toothbrush is a very short one. The Oral Health Foundation suggests that we should only use each toothbrush 180 times and for a total of just 6 hours over a period of three months. Knowing this fact then, why should a toothbrush remain in circulation for more than 400years after it is used? REBELS With A Cause Toothbrush’s serves its purpose brilliantly and then disappears without leaving a trace.

Visit our blog for a detailed explanation of the impact which a common plastic toothbrush has on us and our environment!

Use the toothbrush like any other toothbrush. After use, make sure to dry it and store it in a dry place. 

There is more life to a toothbrush that has done its time cleaning teeth. Its size and design make it ideal to clean hard-to-reach places, we recommend you try to upcycle your toothbrush before you throw it away.

Having said that, after removing the bristles with a plier and disposing of them properly in a plastic collection bin, you can put the bamboo handle in the soil and nature will reclaim it back in no time.

Cotton Buds

Plastic cotton buds are among the most common plastic trash found in oceans and on beaches in the world. They also cause the death of a lot of animals that ingest them after mistakenly exchanging them for food. A plastic cottonbud takes between 400-1000years to break down into smaller pieces without ever disappearing completely.

On the other hand, bamboo takes considerably less time to biodegrade both in soil and in water, leaving no trace and doing no damage after it has been used.

Visit our blog for a detailed explanation of the impact which a common plastic cotton bud has on us and our environment!

Only flush the 3P’s. Pee, Toilet Paper, Poo! Never flush your cotton buds, although our cotton buds are made from bamboo, which biodegrades much faster in water than plastic, it is strongly advised not to flush them. Instead, dispose of them in the proper recycling bin or throw them in the soil, where nature will reclaim them back in no time. 

Our Products

As a company, we are extremely aware that most plastic products are synonymous with waste and pollution. Our philosophy is to find an environmentally friendly replacement for it. This replacement comes in the form of biodegradable, compostable, and reusable materials.

We are also conscious that most of the dumped plastic comes from the packaging of the product. For this reason, in the design phase we made it a point to reduce packaging as much as possible and used recycled, recyclable, and reusable packaging. Our 2 main materials for packaging are kraft paper which has the added benefit of being biodegradable and aluminum which is infinitely recyclable and one of the preferred materials in a sustainable circular economy.

All of our products and their packaging can also be upcycled. Your imagination is the only limit to their uses!

Phyllostachys Pubescens, more commonly known as Moso bamboo. This type of bamboo is the most widely used bamboo because of its unique ability to grow very fast. As a result, much less land needs to be reclaimed to meet the growing demands for this material because of its rate of regeneration and also because it naturally grows very densely.

All our products are designed in Malta (Europe), and the final manufacturing is done depending on the product. Shampoos and Tooth powder are manufactured in Europe, Bamboo products are made in China. Our primary concern when choosing our manufacturers is their closeness to the raw materials needed for the products.

Most of the waste and pollution created in manufacturing products is caused by transportation. We limit this variable by manufacturing close to where the prime material grows.

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