Green Ideas: Wrapping gifts with sustainable reusable cotton textile

The gift wrapper has never been a gift in itself…. until now!


Christmas is truly the season to be generous and spend happy times with our loved ones. Gifts have become a major part of this season and it’s not the the object itself which matters most but the thought. Sometimes, the smallest gifts are the ones we cherish the most.

Gift and decorations also bring with them a lot of waste, these things, which once were made out of textile or natural leaves, pines etc, have been transformed into plastic or synthetic materials which can be commercialized, but as with most things, the old timers knew better!

We atRebels With A Cause, wanted that this holiday season we find an alternative to the plastic, or plastic coated gift wrappers, and the past is where we looked at. We want to make sure that that you stay right on your sustainability path whatever the occasion.

Wrapping presents using our cotton wrapping cloth is so easy! Before you start simply tie some string on opposite corners and then follow the steps in the animation below!

Cotton fabric is such a fantastic solution, nice to look at and feel, made from a sustainable material, long lasting and above all reusable! Literally, it is a gift in itself! Normal disposable gift wrapping is almost instinctively thorn apart and thrown away, but not anymore.

What can you do with them after you use them to wrap gifts?

● Label them and store them in your memory box to remind you of a particular experience or moment in life.

● Reuse them next year to wrap gifts.

● Use them next year to decorate with them, they are fantastic as table place mats.

● Reuse them as dish towels during the holiday season.

As with most things, all it takes is a little bit of imagination! If you have any new ideas of how to use our plastic free and reusable gift wrapping please let us know!

Have a Peaceful, Happy ( & EcoFriendly) Christmas!

Size: 45cm x 45cm

2 lovely patterns to choose from, ideal for small to medium gifts such as clothes, books, tablets, purses etc.

Buy it now from HERE ! Get 1 free with every 6 ordered!

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