Cotton Bud Pollution in Malta – Alarming Numbers

How much harm can my one plastic cotton bud make ? – Said 7.5 Billion People

Once again we will cover the plastic epidemic by this time looking at cotton bud pollution statistics for the Maltese Islands. It is very easy to underestimate the effect that such a small item can have on our flora and fauna, but these numbers we will show you, will make you reconsider again.

All the results you will see which concern the Maltese Islands were all meticulously calculated by our team using some statistical data provided by the National Statistics Office of Malta (NSO) and a big chunk of data collected by us through surveys and observations. Statistics regarding European and global consumption were collected from International Environment Organisations.

These are some of the findings!

● At least 40 tonnes of plastic cottonbuds are used and dumped every year in the Maltese Islands. Staggeringly equivalent to 4 London double-decker buses! Of these, 40tonnes end up in landfils where they will spend thousands of years, unless they make it out to sea or land.

● If the plastic cotton buds consumed in the Maltese Islands per year had to be placed end to end, they would stretch from Malta to London and back, TWICE!

Anything as trivial as a cotton bud which is used for 1 minute should not stay around for thousands of years. Even worse, endangering land and marine life not to mention that it is now established itself in the food chain. We at Rebels with a Cause belive that if one feels that they should rebel to this plastic epidemic, they should be provided the right tools. And that is exactly why we created our Rebels With A Cause Bamboo Cotton buds in family packs of 200pcs and travel packs of 50pcs.

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Watch out for updates in our blog, as we shall discuss the various alternatives to plastic cotton buds and why we believe that our bamboo cotton buds are the best!

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